Show Me the MONEY!


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So I was sitting here having a cup of coffee and decided to check social media to see how President’s Day was going.  The first thing I see is someone posting how the illegal immigrants are coming to the US and taking jobs without paying taxes.  Living in Proper, USA I have to disagree.  We have immigrants come over and pick our produce for almost no money.  No residents in Proper (or Americans in general) want to do labor type jobs, but employers want to take their tax deductions for labor.  The immigrants are paid with the information they provide and taxes are sent to the IRS.  The question I want answered is Where are the taxes that are being withheld but never claimed? Especially since social security and medicare funds are lower than they should be.  I do know that employee tax withholding is kept.  We supposedly have a bank account called “Excess Collections” for this money that is not supposed to be touched.  There is supposedly enough money in this account to pay off all of our debts in the US. Where is the money?



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