Public Restrooms ~ The Bigger Issue


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We all know that there has been a lot of controversy around the segregation of public restrooms. After watching an amazing historical movie, Hidden Figures, this issue is not new.  The restrooms were previously segregated into black and white instead of  just male and female.  But there is something even more disturbing that people are not talking about.  How disgusting some people are when using these bathrooms.  After traveling thousands of miles and being forced to use public restrooms, I have observed that some people are just pigs.  From not knowing how to flush if the toilet doesn’t have auto flushing to pee and fecal matter on the seats and floors.  Not to mention women who are not sanitary with their monthly friend.  Please remember there are others who use these restrooms and would appreciate those messy people to FLUSH for starters.  Then if you tinkle a little on the seat, just clean it up.  There have been numerous times that I have had to clean the toilet seat and then put my paper down just to use the toilet.  Employees at these places would appreciate this too, as they have to clean this filthy mess. Respect for others is definitely lacking in this department.  Some companies are guilty of never cleaning the restroom, but more times than not, it is the public that make us cringe in public restrooms.  Please be kind and sanitary because the next person does not want to hold it while trying to clean your mess.  Thank you!

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