Is it really a Value?


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Is it really a Value to order a value meal?  Do you really need those extra fries? I know I don’t need them.  So, in this case, McDonald’s Mac Jr Value Meal costs $2.60 more than just ordering the sandwich.  “But it comes with a medium fry and drink!” This is true.  However, a medium fry costs $1.69 and a medium drink costs $1.00 (prices may vary due to location).  This is a total cost of $2.69.  Do you really think it is worth the extra 9 cents when you can get a large drink for $1.00 (again, prices may vary due to location) and skip the extra calories.  Tommy Hall knows what I mean.

by Tamera Broskette –  A drama teacher in the small town of Proper, USA.  She is individualistic, assertive, independent, a humanitarian, inventive, original, eccentric, opinionated, intellectual, idealistic, awesome, and a friend to all.

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