“Fake News”


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Today in other “fake news”, Donald Trump is creating world peace with his executive orders.  He decided it was an amazing idea to ensure the oil companies, such as Phillip 66 gain profit by pushing through the construction of Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines. Phillip 66 will own a quarter of oil lines as their shares continue to increase.  Money or going against anything Obama did in office was not the motive for this executive order, so don’t  let the $100,000, that our president had invested in Phillips 66 make you believe this is personal.  Donald Trump also signed an executive order to ensure that women who are raped or sodomized are able to keep their babies.  They also have the choice now to get coat hanger abortions. These women deserve to be punished by possible death after already being victimized. Oh, but quiet! The gag order does not allow medical staff to mention anything of it. After finally getting past the government hiring freeze, our great president has now saved VA workers with preference status from having to work by ordering another hiring freeze. Not to mention that the VA will not be able to improve care to our men and women who served our country.  But on the other hand, we are now going to have a larger budget to protect us during the upcoming war.  Donald Trump will also be giving several jobs back to the United States with the construction of the great and mighty Wall.  Don’t worry about the $10-15 Billion taxpayer dollar being used to build this wall, as it will all be invoiced and paid by Mexico. Once the Wall is constructed, then the US will have plenty of jobs available such as crop picking, landscaping, and other unfavorable jobs that most US citizens refuse to do. Health insurance companies are excited that Trump is in the process of appealing the Affordable Care Act.  This means that they can increase rates once again and blame it on Obamacare and recoup their losses.  This means that doctors will charge less to those who do not have insurance and overcharge insurance companies for those that do.  There will no longer be regulations to uphold. Medications, such as birth control will no longer be fully covered.  As a result, coat hanger abortions and unplanned mouths to feed will be on the rise but will be balanced out by eliminating those bad women. If that fails, we can send our young men and women to fight for our country when the war begins. Thank you Salon.com for assisting me in finding more “Fake News”.

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