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Proper Manors is brought to you by Creator Pietro D’Alessio. Proper Manors is an online web series about a small town in Proper USA. The town of Proper is just like any other small town, where there are often secrets, lies, twisted truths, and unbelievable hidden agendas to keep the town’s reputation at it’s best. Proper Manors uncovers the lies and deception, focusing on the main Sorrento Family. Hunter Gomez as Joey Sorrento, Anne Sward as Blanche Crawford Sorrento,  Walter Platz as Alessandro Sorrento and many more.

We love to hear your feedback. Proper Manors ~ S2,E20 “The Return Part III” Survey  now available.  Your feedback will help us continuously improve the show to provide the best viewing experience.

Proper Manors ~ Easter Special “A Kosher Easter” Survey

Please enjoy our new Video Blogs and Caught on Camera while you wait for the next episode. They will be released as they become readily available.